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Marko Kloos "Why the Gun is Civilization"

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I Thought I Just Took Care of This AKA Deja-Vou

Those of you who have been reading this Blog for a while probably remember...

"Little Dog Lost"

Well one year and 3 days later here we go again. The nice lady holding the wayward hounds is a deputy with the Wise Co. Sheriff's Office. As I came by she was trying to get the dogs to come to her but traffic was heavy and the dogs were dodging
in and out of it. I stopped and was able to grab both of them. We called the owner who showed up with a young child not in a child restraint.
As I was leaving the Deputy was preparing to return the lost dogs and issue a summons to the driver for not having the little girl in a child restraint.

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At 7:58 AM, Blogger H. Stallard said...

Just found out from the nice lady Deputy that the driver was suspended, had no insurance, or county sticker. So he ended up with 4 instead of 1 summons. When they called another driver (he wasn't allowed to even move his truck out of the road) to drive the truck home he was suspended too so a third party had to come to help out. At least the poor wayward hounds had a happy ending.

At 10:00 AM, Blogger dragonfly183 said...

Psst, Harold your tagged!!!! 5 things we don't know about you!!


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