I do not love the bright sword for its sharpness, nor the arrow for its swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory. I love only that which they defend. (J.R.R.Tolkien, The Two Towers)

When I carry a gun, I don't do so because I am looking for a fight, but because I'm looking to be left alone. The gun at my side means that I cannot be forced, only persuaded. I don't carry it because I'm afraid, but because it enables me to be unafraid. It doesn't limit the actions of those who would interact with me through reason, only the actions of those who would do so by force.

Marko Kloos "Why the Gun is Civilization"

Monday, May 29, 2006

Super size mine!



At 2:40 PM, Blogger the Contrary Goddess said...

Is this, like, current? I read the online version of the paper but sure didn't see this. And in Banner! Wow.

At 3:08 PM, Blogger H. Stallard said...

Yeah, it was in Thursday's edition. I hunted for it on the online verson but couldn't find it thus the photo of a photo to get it on my blog. The biggest I ever found were about the size of tea cups and there were 4 of them in an area about 10 feet square up on Sandy Ridge.


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